Apartment expansion project on Venice Boulevard fully framed


California Landmark Group development will bring 42 homes to Venice Boulevard

By Dolores Quintana

California Landmark Group (CLG) has now completed vertical construction of the multi-family structure at the corner of Dunn Drive and Venice Boulevard in Palms, as reported by Urbanize Los Angeles. It has been over a year since construction began on the project which is actually an extension of an already completed apartment building with 86 units. The grand total of available units will increase to 128 once this project is completed.

According to the architect’s designs which were approved in 2019 by the City of Los Angeles, the building will be constructed in the popular contemporary podium style which is similar to another nearby building.

The Dunn Drive site was purchased by CLG in 2018 for $7 million from Napa Industries. Napa had planned another luxury project that would have been 19 stories high, but would contain only 17 housing units. Unsurprisingly, this project was not approved by the city, one can only assume that the search for affordable housing with more density dominated the day.

This development will have parking in the basement, just like the building to the south that it looks like.


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