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The Arizona Coyotes must find a new home within a year.

By Katie Strang of The Athletic, the City of Glendale waived their year-over-year rental agreement with the team effective June 30, 2022, making the 2021-22 NHL season the last for the Coyotes at the Gila River Arena. .

Strang provided more context regarding the current situation between the team and the city:

“The current rental agreement operates on an annual basis and can be terminated by either party by written notice no later than December 31st. The Coyotes also use the administrative space in the arena, which the team must also vacate.

“The termination notice follows several months of blocked negotiations between the city and the team on the conditions of a lease extension and potential arena renovations, as well as multiple notices on unpaid balances and delinquency owed by the Coyotes under their rental agreement. , reveal the public archives. “

The team released a statement in response to the news, noting their “one hundred percent commitment” to Arizona:

“We are disappointed with the unilateral decision taken today by the City of Glendale to end negotiations on a multi-year lease extension agreement. We hope she reconsiders a decision that would primarily hurt small businesses and hard workers at Glendale. We remain open to resuming good faith negotiations with the City.

“Most importantly, the Coyotes are one hundred percent committed to finding a long term arena solution here in Arizona, and nothing will shake our resolve to do what is right for our organization, the residents across the valley. and, most importantly, our fans. “

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman does not appear to be concerned about the future of the Coyotes in the greater Phoenix area, however, according to his comments on Cardboard & Roberts on WFAN Sports Radio (h / t Rob taub des IslesBlog).

“I don’t think the franchise is going anywhere,” Bettman said. “I think the city is just negotiating. I’m not worried. I think their future remains in the Greater Phoenix area.”

The first iteration of the Winnipeg Jets played in the WHA from 1972 to 1979, then the NHL from 1979 to 1996 before moving to Phoenix and becoming the Coyotes. They moved to their current Glendale home in 2003.

The Coyotes must now find a new arena, as his two-decade stoppage in his current home is now coming to an end.

Glendale City manager Kevin Phelps has officially spoken with Strang and said: “We have reached this point of no return” and “there is no hesitation” on the matter.

Per Strang, Phelps “is responsible for the arena management contract between the team and ASM Global, the arena management company.” He also said that members of the city council had shown a “strong consensus” towards this course of action.

In addition, the Coyotes owe the arena $ 1,462,792, including more than $ 300,000 of this “four-month past due” payment.

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