You must give points to the president of A, Dave Kaval, for availability. You might not like what he says, or what he tweets about Las Vegas hockey games, but he is not hiding. So when he spoke with A’s security guards on the pitch ahead of Friday’s game, it was no surprise that when reporters started to get closer and closer to him and he had the chance to blow everyone up, he didn’t. He answered questions for exactly 10 minutes.

Granted, Kaval wanted to steer the conversation in directions that not everyone was looking to explore. He wanted to talk about the importance of this homestand run by the Giants and Yankees, and he wanted to bring in the phrase “parallel paths” as often as possible (final count: used five times).

The timing was good for a conversation with Kaval, as the news on the front of the stadium has been calm over the past month. Since the City of Oakland approved an amended economic conditions sheet on July 20 that visibly frustrated Kaval on the conference call that day, and Kaval and other executives from A have been to Las Vegas little shortly thereafter there was not much to report.

“We remain disappointed that they did not vote on our plan,” Kaval said. “It hasn’t changed. But at the same time, we still hope to make progress in the negotiations with them. But time will tell how it goes. We continue to make all the other processes work and hopefully finalize them. And so we are doing everything we can to make this happen within an acceptable timeframe.

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