Red Bank NJ apartment plan approved after developer cuts top floor


RED BANK — An apartment building proposed to replace a one-story office building and its adjoining parking lot was unanimously approved by the zoning board on Thursday after developer, One Globe Court LLC, withdrew the last floor of his plans.

At a previous meeting in September, board members and residents criticized the height of the proposed building and its lack of sufficient parking. The proposed apartment building would be located at the intersection of Globe Court and Mechanic Street.

The original plan called for 50 apartments to be built on the four floors above the ground floor car park. The revised plans include 40 apartment units on the three floors above the ground floor parking lot.

The proposed building is located in an area that allows four-storey buildings. With the removal of one floor, the problem of insufficient parking has also been solved.

A rendering of an apartment building approved by One Globe Court LLC at Red Bank.

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Of the 40 apartments, 30 will be two-bedroom units and 10 will be one-bedroom units. Six of the apartments will be affordable units, according to Ed McKenna, former Red Bank mayor and attorney for the developer.

The first floor will contain 73 parking spaces and the other floors will have three amenity spaces as well as a rooftop courtyard.

“I think the testimony you heard tonight addressed the council’s concerns when we last met,” council engineer Ed Herrman said. “Removing a floor is not something to be taken lightly.”

The developer’s planner, Andrew Janiw, argued that the deviations the developer still needed from the zoning board were an improvement on the current office block. While the plans for the apartment building would still be too close to the sidewalk and have less open space than allowed by the borough, it would be an improvement over the current office building which is more near the sidewalk and has no free space.

“We’re creating something that’s sustainably more appealing than what’s out there,” Janiw said.

The original design for One Globe Court LLC at Red Bank called for 50 apartments and five floors, but the top floor has since been eliminated.

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The building would still be taller than permitted.

Resident Cindy Burnham opposed going ahead with the project due to waivers that have yet to be granted.

“It’ll block out the light, it’ll block out the air. It adjoins the historic residential area,” Burnham said. “We know how developers work. They come with a big, big, big plan, everyone makes fun of them and they come back and then come back and they’re down a floor. … The zoning boards are supposed to back up what it says in the master plan, according to zoning laws.

Paula Donnelly with neighbor The Globe Hotel requested that the construction not damage the retaining wall between her business property and the property of the proposed apartment building.

Jennifer Glassberg, owner of furniture store Nest, said she was delighted for the new residents but asked that the proposed construction, which would take place opposite her business, be contained and managed.

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McKenna said his client would avoid damage to the retaining wall with The Globe Hotel. Janiw said the developer would be willing to work with Glassberg to coordinate construction to avoid disruption to its business.

“I like it. If you tell me five stories, I’ll tell you no,” board member Sean Murphy said of the proposed apartment building.

Shawna Ebanks, Director of Community Development, requested that a timeline for the marketing of affordable apartments associated with the project be provided.

McKenna agreed to a six-month delay.

One Globe Court LLC is associated with Kalian Management LLC, according to Monmouth County property records. Kalian Management LLC developed the 24-unit apartment building called The Forum across Mechanic Street from the proposed site.

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Olivia Liu is a journalist covering transport, Red Bank and West Monmouth County. She can be contacted at [email protected]


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