(Sidney) – It was a tech night for Sidney’s council on Monday and a local internet service provider will have the option of continuing to provide their services to the community of Sidney.

Meeting in regular session, Sidney City Council approved a rental agreement with BitWind, LLC to reserve a spot atop the new water tower. Mayor Peter Johnson, in an interview following the meeting, said BitWind was a company providing a much needed infrastructure project to the people of Sidney.

“BitWind is a local business started here in Sidney by Jamie Nennemann, and we’re excited to see the progress of their business,” Johnson said. “For years he has provided high quality internet services to the people of Sidney who find themselves in difficult situations where they cannot access them. He operates the internet by air from the water tower and he requested the permission to provide services to the new water tower which gives it an additional 35 feet of height. “

Johnson says the extra height will give Nennemann the opportunity to expand his range of services to those who may need them even more.

“This will allow him to provide services not only to the townspeople, who may be in a difficult situation where they are not served by traditional places, but also to the people of Sidney,” Johnson said. “You know our jurisdiction is within the city limits, but we cannot forget the people who are part of the community who are just outside the city limits.”

When the council worried about the number of people who might want to claim a place atop the water tower, Nennemann said the number was not as high as they might think.

“It’s probably less than before, for example the old water tower had Chat Mobility on it, (but) Chat Mobility built its own tower,” Nennemann said. “I think the days when maybe a cell service provider would drop stuff onto your tower are probably gone. They like having their own thing, they can afford to build their own tower and not have to worry about having to go. ‘take care of anything else. “

At the meeting, Johnson said so far, no other company had sought to claim a place atop the new tower.

Currently, Nennemann provides services to 44 clients in the Sidney area off the old water tower, including 20 in town, including four companies. While a spot on the new tower has been given to Nennemann and his company, the actual dollar amount he will donate to the city on a monthly basis has yet to be determined.

Council also heard a presentation from the Midwest Data Center to provide fiber to homes in the city. Johnson says these presentations and agreements are part of an “all the above” approach to meeting recent infrastructure needs in the community.

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